Former students' thoughts

I went to ( I think) 22/25 of Phyl's classes and they were a joy. It was a totally intimate friendly atmosphere and felt more like a meeting of friends with a lot of educational stuff crammed in than a dry 'course for writing'. Phyl puts you at her ease immediately and her partner Mark makes a killer cup of tea/coffee at half time. His selection of biscuits and cakes is also top notch. Mark is also a delightfull, charming and creative man involved in film production. One night I turned up and the broadcaster John Beattie ( Ex Scotland Rugby international) was there to record a radio show for BBC and one of my workmates heard it and remarked upon it to me the day after transmission. The people that attended these courses were from a wide background and differing occupations so even if you are not interested in writing it is a great cheap night out. Speaking of which we are all planning on getting together for dinner soon and have already been on a 'Spirit Of Glasgow' tour recently to whet our creative impulses. Please sign up for Phyl's courses asap as you will never regret it and will hold the memory dear.


David Maclean

I joined the class a few weeks into the course due to other commitments. I was immediately made welcome by Phyl and the other classmates who were all very relaxed and chatty. The atmosphere in class is informal and informative.I was impressed by the way Phyl led us through a topic each night in detail accompanied by some of the most useful and clear handouts of any writing class I have attended. I enjoyed writing short pieces in class time and hearing how others tackled the same exercises. There was never any pressure to read your own work which somehow took away the fear and most people did it anyway. I found the classes to be a good laugh too which can be difficult with a bunch of near strangers but Phyl took time to point out all our strengths and this helped us bond.


I have remained in touch with Phyl and the rest of the group and live in hope I might write something that's worth publishing one day. Just loved the class, ideal for a nervous novice, (ooh check my alliteration) or the more experienced in need of encouragement.


Jax Farrell

Phyl was/is an excellent tutor and mentor. She guided us along an intriguing path of discovery, her feedback was always positive and extremely fair where she would point out where we could improve or give us options of different approaches we could take. This in turn helped not only build my knowledge and skills but my confidence as a writer…Just exactly what I needed.


Initially, the course was supposed to last for eight weeks and by week six I think I began a form of grieving process as I knew that it was coming to an end. We all felt this way and by popular demand Phyl extended the course to accommodate our every need. Since then, she has continued to guide, teach and motivate us along the way even although the course has ended…..now that is what I call dedication to mentoring.


So if you feel the urge to learn about building on your own creativity and writing, I would wholeheartedly recommend this course.


Sandra Blades

I was so pleased I decided to attend the class. I found Phyl very encouraging and supportive. She filled me with confidence as did the rest of our group. The feedback was always welcome and I enjoyed that we shared each others views and experiences. I now have my own blog which I write stories on most weeks and am writing my first book. Made some really nice friends in the process and gained so much confidence too.

If you don't love this class I would be surprised.


Lorri Smith

Completely out of the blue I learned about Phyl's introductory course to writing and,in the company of other would-be writers, attended this in the very pleasant surroundings of her home for ten weeks earlier this year.


This was a most enjoyable and illuminating experience as I discovered to my surprise that with Phyl's prompting and guidance I actually produced some short essays on various themes together with a piece of poetry. This was very encouraging and hopefully when I have cleared my mind of other interests and commitments, I will be back for more.


Colin Robertson

Having done an online writing course before which didn't quite deliver as much as it promised, I wasn't sure what to expect from this. However I must say that I thoroughly enjoyed every week and the classes couldn't come round quickly enough.

Phyl was a very encouraging and patient tutor. She knew how to extract the best from us and was extremely enthusiastic, providing constructive criticism on our work, which is invaluable.

Not only have I learned a huge amount from her weekly meetings, but I have made many lifelong friends, and although our course has officially ended, we still continue to write separately and as a group. I can't recommend Phyl and this course highly enough.


Susan McEwan

Phyl was so inspiring from the very first class and re-alighted my writing flame. Her very positive yet honest feedback was something I looked forward to every week.

If you love writing but haven't written in years and would love some motivation, this is the class for you.

Phyl is a truly lovely person and I see her now as not only a mentor but a real friend.


Catherine Fisher

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